Digital Marketing is Lazy

The original idea for this post comes from a Millward Brown blog post by Nigel Hollis:

I couldn’t agree more! The problem lies with the expectations gap with digital marketing. While consumers see digital as the magic wand which will grant them their wish in terms of personalized communication and value, agency clients on the other hand see digital as a the magic pill which will somehow automatically achieve efficiency at scale.

There is a big difference – what is efficient need not necessarily be effective.

Sure, thanks to technology, you can efficiently reach the right customers through programmatic buying or performance/affiliate marketing – but will they see truly personalized communication and differentiated value? For example, you may be selling apparel and the ads reach your target demographic of 24-40. But, is your brand communication compelling enough for them to buy? Or does your ad just add to the clutter on the screen space?

We go back to the simple idea of differentiation through exceptional creative branding. Give customers a reason – at whatever scale – to love your brand. Use technology creatively to drive home why you are different. As customers go through awareness, consideration, and decision – their love affair with your brand should grow. And that takes good old creativity!

Be both efficient and effective. Set your goals. Don’t be lazy!

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